Cure Seekers


The gripping continuation of Book 1: "The Right of Kings."


When Earth is assaulted by an alien force, Terran humanity's champions, the Star Force, have no choice but to set out on a quest for a cure to what ails their homeworld. Along the way they encounter resistance, meet new friends, and forge through the fires of tribulation to see an ancient promise fulfilled.


Alternate Universe: "The Sands of Time are Sinking" Book 2

Can't wait for more! :)

Venus Luxia (reader)


I 'm really enjoying this series! You blended in the familiar elements of the SB/Y universe and
created a mesmerizing original. It's a real treat to see Desslok and Masterson's friendship grow
and the characterizations for both is spot on!

BluEnigma (reader)


I've been really enjoying this story thus far, but this chapter is the best of what is turning out to be a very gripping re-imagining of Y/SB I (sort of like Yamato 2199 but more like the original series). Very nice job on the characterizations, and I like that you gave Nova more to do in the battle than just stand around-also liked Orion's role in the battle. Great job and I can't wait to see more.


Freddo (reader)


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